At AstaYoga, we take a progressive approach to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Our philosophy is simple: Repetition brings success. Through a systematic approach to asana practice, anyone can learn even the most complex postures through dedication, attention and perseverance. 

While we do offer several weekly opportunities to practice the full Primary Series of Ashtanga, most of our classes are in the Rocket Vinyasa style, created here in San Francisco by Larry Schultz. Our approach takes you on a daily flight out of the ordinary to experience breath-powered transformation on all levels. 

The classes we offer:

Rocket Vinyasa: All Levels

This class is open to all. Starting from sun salutations, students will progress through the Rocket standing series, followed by a modification of either the Rocket I or II seated series, closing with the finishing postures to cool down. 

Rocket I

Based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga, the Rocket I focuses on leg strength, balance, inversions and soothing forward folding postures. 

Rocket II

Based on the Intermediate and Advanced Series of Ashtanga, the Rocket II brings attention to arm balancing, spinal twists, backbending and hip opening postures. It is the perfect complement to the Rocket I.

Rocket III Happy Hour

The Happy Hour class is the most challenging class of the week. 

Modified Primary Series

Primary Series